The Untimely Planner

After using countless planners I finally designed one that would ultimately give me planner peace! I made the Untimely Planner to plan when I want, what I want, and wherever I want.

The Untimely planner is more than just a calendar. This planner has so much more to it than a typical planner. This all-in-one undated planner is perfect for every planner enthusiast out there. With the Untimely Planner, there is no pressure. If you miss a day, week, or month it's not going to ruin the planner. I found that when using a planner, if I started to miss a day or week, then I would get discouraged and stop using the planner altogether.

With the Untimely Planner, you can use it as often or infrequently as you want or need. This makes it great for us planner addicts who like to switch between planners throughout the year depending on our current schedules.

With its ultra portable size, this planner includes everything you need to plan on the go. Plan and keep track of everything from your monthly bills and income to your goals and master to do lists. The monthly and weekly pages include space for tasks lists, goals and tracking habits. Stay on top of your plans and schedule with useful lists throughout the planner. Make your planner work for you. 


My Planner Setup

Watch how I use the Basics Stickers Pack to set up my Untimely Planner.